Facebook – None Of Your News Is Now In One Place – Or, Who The Heck Do You Think You Are Facebook?

Disclaimer – I am one of the small publishers that automates updates to my FB pages as mentioned below.

I just logged in to Facebook to see the image below at the top of my profile, touting that Facebook has now made it easier to see “my news” as they’ve put the tops stories since my last visit (logged in just before I went to bed and it’s not even 6am as I write this) at the top.

The problem is that it works NOTHING like the image suggests.

All Your News
This first problem is that instead of a handful of top stories (as the image clearly suggests), there was 40. 40???

I almost gave up scrolling in order to find the recent stories.  It’s not as if I’ve got a lot of friends on there, just 170 as I have a separate Facebook Page so I can keep my private stuff, well… private (although Facebook appears determined to change that with the new subscribe options).

The next major fail? 99% of these “top stories” aren’t “top” by any stretch of the imagination.

If by “top” Facebook actually means “useless shit that you’d never read from people you hardly interact with and probably should just unfriend” then yes, they’ve got it spot on. If not, then they have some serious work to do on their algorithm.

Finally, and perhaps the worst thing –  After leaving Facebook and closing my browser, when I return the VERY SAME posts are there again.They’re like squatters stuck on my screen as Facebook continues to proclaim them as top stories except this time with the addition another box at the top saying “See 12 new stories”. I guess I am supposed to click on that box before the previous “top stories” expire. Fucking lame!

What’s the deal with shoving all the updates from different sites under one entry Facebook?

I’ve seen lots of the posts from sites which use RSS Grafitti to get their content to their FB page lumped under one story with “see more posts from RSS Grafitti” written on it. I also just say one story with “see 27 more post from WordBooker” underneath it that contained updates from 9 different sites when clicked.

Just an FYI Facebook – I follow those damn sites and I want to see their updates, that’s why I follow the pages! Who made you lord and master of what I want to see?

What genius (and I say that in as sarcastic a voice as possible) decided that because a site automates getting their content to their Facebook page (a page which I subscribed to BTW), which is something that many small sites HAVE to do as you just can’t have someone sit on Facebook 24/7 posting timely updates, that their updates aren’t important to me?

I know Facebook is crapping their pants at the feature set of Google+. I know people give G+ a hard time because it’s still beta and not everybody is on there yet, but it’s obvious considering the speed that FB has been rolling out G+ emulating features and updates that they perceive a sizable and significant threat going forward.

Well here’s a hint Facebook, as long as you keep screwing up my news feed, deciding what I am interested in, and changing my privacy settings arbitrarily, you can be assured that G+ will be a threat.

If there ever is a Facebook vs Google+ battle for dominance in the future then Facebook will surely loose it because they don’t give a crap about what their users want or their users privacy. Even worse, Facebook is focusing so much on copying everybody else that they aren’t even Facebook anymore.

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  1. Well, I like what I see so far. I like smart lists because there are things that are for some friends and some things that are for other friends. At least they copied something right from G+. Rest? Can’t say yet.


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