My Yeti Has Finally Arrived

I didn’t know it was possible to get this excited about a microphone, but since I ordered my Yeti a few days ago I grew, well, damn impatient waiting for it to arrived.

Now that it has arrived all I can say is that the waiting and anticipation have been worth it. Judging by the few short tests I’ve done today the sound is awesome and I can’t wait to put it to more “real” use.

Yeti Microphone

6 thoughts on “My Yeti Has Finally Arrived

  1. Nice looking mic. I never get to play with the digital stuff as most of what I do is analog/live. Where can I hear something produced with that hardware?


    1. Where is a good question. I’ll let you know as soon as I post something here I suppose.

      I will say this though, the sound is far superior to my Behringer Xenyx 502 kit.


  2. I have some Behringer stuff in the inventory at work and have never been overly impressed with it. Still, it is all analog stuff for live events. Don’t have or use anything digital. I will say though if you ever need a basic USB interface for a standard mic (BETA 58, 57, etc,) that Shure’s X2U is a nice product. I have been using it for a few things this year and I like the versatility.


    1. Thanks for that Jeff.

      On a side note, I’m trying to figure out why all of your comments need me to moderate them .

      Normally once someone has a comment moderated all subsequent comments are auto approved (unless they are pure spam)…

      I don’t think Akismet likes you very much mate.. LOL


  3. I am guessing that the problem is because I used two different email addresses with the last two comments. It was my fault. I have been trying to transition my online identity to this address, but it has been slow going and I don’t always remember what email address I want to use. The result is that I have basically created a dual identity that keeps screwing everyone up. My G+ account is all setup for “shadowhelm” but my WP blog is setup for “jeffreysmoore”..etc., etc., etc. Totally me just not following through on my “plans” and being a lazy bastard. Sorry for the trouble

    Also, if Akismet doesn’t like me very much, no surprise there. I get that a lot!


    1. It’s no trouble Jeff, I was just curious and I get the same problem with all of the various emails I have for different projects and sites. PITA to keep them all straight. LOL


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