Shouldn’t 24-7 Tech Support Mean Someone There Can Fix A Problem? Hostable?

I just has this “live chat” with Hostable‘s “24/7 Technical Support”. It was 5:30pm their time (7:30pm mine) when the conversation took place, and as you guys already know I think Hostable’s support is basically shite.

As I mentioned before, we’ve moved ALL of our bigger sites away from Hostable but still have a handful of smaller sites left on their host which for the most part are plugging away nicely, until it appears, I want to FTP in.

Thankfully I don’t need to FTP in for backups for those smaller sites as that is being handled by WordPress Backup To DropBox. For that reason, even though this has been an ongoing issue, I’ve been slow about getting in contact with support (mostly because my experience with Hostable’s support has led me to loathe it and cringe at the very idea of contacting them) until it became an issue I couldn’t work around.

Anyway, here’s the conversation:

Welcome to Hostable, Brandon will be right with you.
Hello, and thank you for visiting today. How may I help you?
Hey… I can’t access or the cpanel for my account as my ip address is being blocked by the server.
My IP is **.**.**.**
This has happened a few times after I FTP in to edit my files and goes away after 15 – 20 minutes or so.
Unfortunately, it means I can never backup or edit my files handling more than a few at a time.
I use Dreamweaver and FileZilla and have tried both passive and active FTP.
This problem doesn’t occur with other hosts that I use.

I do a tracert to find out where the connection is being lost and every time it is at the Brinkster server.
Then your IP would be banned. That is caused when you get to many simultaneous connections to the server.
Well, FTP’ing to access my files or work on my site should not result in an IP ban
<pause for a minute waiting for a response – none came>
I can’t even download my WordPress theme, let alone my entire site without running afoul of the apparently over zealous IP banner

<another long pause>

Well I will mention this to our server admins tomorrow. Unfortunately they are not currently in the office, Just wait a few hours and try again.
Wait a few hours and try again? That’s a great way to work on my sites.. really.
Unfortunately the only other option we could do at this time, is to create a ticket. By the time they get to review it, your IP will no longer be banned.
And I’m to take it that a service that offers 24/7 support has not even one admin in the office after 5pm?

I’m sorry Brandon, but every time I’ve had an issue with Hostable that occurred after 5pm or on the weekend, there was never an admin there… that’s not 24/7 support
<long pause>
All right. We’ll see how long it last this time…
We have 24/7 technical support. The server administrators are on call 24/7 for server wide issues or service outages

Well technical support should be able to sort the relatively simple issue of an IP ban…

We’ll see how long it lasts this time…

Thanks for your time

Request Timed Out
The Tracert that dies at Brinkster

I know it’s not this chap Brandon’s fault. The poor fellow probably has to deal with irate people like me all day long (but he should be thankful I didn’t phone as I have to think about what I type) and he is probably told what he can and can’t do…

But Brinkster/Hostable c’mon?! You really have to get the proverbial thumb out of your arseholes, stop jerking off and start working. It’s not like the stuff I do, or the sites I host on their servers draw as much traffic as say UrlyBits. This is basic stuff people.