Making Our Own Traditions

If you pay any attention to this blog at all you know that Sara and I tend to add our own spin to most things and holidays like Thanksgiving are no exception.

Given that I’m Irish it should come as no surprise that Thanksgiving 2011 was only my second “Thanksgiving” ever. Last year we had an excellent time with friends and this year we had the kids, so of course we put our own twist on things.

We decided that this year (and every year) we will be abandoning the traditional turkey dinner (it’s just boring and we have issues with the whole pilgrims/turkey/Native Americans mythos) in favor of having something different every time. It was and will still be a huge meal that will result in left overs which occupy the fridge and our stomachs for days afterwards – just no turkey, ham and stuffing. They’re best left for Christmas 😉

After much debate we settled on Cajun food for this year (I wanted hot wings by the thousand but may have been over-ruled or bribed) and Sara was determined to do the cooking. As a result of my working from home I tend to do 95% of the cooking around here, so Sara wanted to take the opportunity to once again stretch her culinary wings.

I was keeping the kids entertained and all was going well until I entered the kitchen and Sara managed to badly burn her hand (mostly her thumb) while draining a pot of sweet potatoes – the boiling water did not go where she intended. After treating her burn and setting the munchkins to entertain themselves, I helped Sara to finish the meal she had started preparing and, I have to say this, even with just one working hand my wife is an amazing cook.  The meal that she turned out yesterday was both huge in size, there are a number of dishes in the kitchen which we didn’t even get around to trying, and huge in taste.

Everybody was stuffed after dinner, even though the kids may have been stuffed prior to dinner from trying some of the stuff Sara made, which I’m sure we’ll also be eating for the foreseeable future.

Anyway my point, beyond that my wife is a wonderful cook, is this – I may not play into the whole “pilgrims turkey day” thing, but I am very thankful. I’m thankful for so many things, not least of which are my friends, my family, my brilliant and beautiful wife, my step-kids (who never give me a moments peace) and the amazing and wonderful times we get to spend together.