Vanity Searches – Do You Use Them?

Google AlertsVanity searches is a terrible term. It’s fitting, it’s accurate (in most cases) but it just sounds so… well, vain!

I am subscribed to quite a number of  RSS feeds of Google Alerts for my name (and variations of it) , searches for my mentions of my websites and associated social media pages, feeds of Twitter searches for my name and sites and other things.

The reason I do this is to allow me keep track of an be involved in conversations I might otherwise not be a part of, such as me failing  to see a reply on Twitter or when somebody links to a post I’ve written here but their blog doesn’t send a trackback.

If I’m to be honest there’s also a fair dollop of vanity involved too – I want to know who’s talking about  me.

What tools do you use to keep track of the conversation surrounding you, your product or your sites?