Is W3 Total Cache Still Supported?

Is W3 Total Cache still in development for WordPress or has it been abandoned?

W3 Total Cache is one of those really cool WordPress plugins that everybody who’s serious about WordPress knows about, and even a lot of people who just have a passing knowledge have at least heard of it. It’s one of the two caching plugins that reign supreme in the world of WordPress and the last few times I’ve presented on WordPress it’s always come up in the Q&A.

I’m in the midst of prototyping a new site and I decided I’d give W3 a spin as opposed to my usual work horse, WP Super Cache, and noted that W3 still is only rated as working with WP 3.21.

There has been no submitted updates in 4 months and people are posting incompatibilities between WP 3.3 (which has been out for 8 days) and the latest version of W3 Total Cache.

I know Frederick Townes, (the guy behind W3) has been relatively quite online recently and he’s a very busy guy, so I’m, wondering if Frederick or anybody else in the know can tell me if W3 Total Cache is still in production?

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