Fresh Impressions – A 5-Year-Old’s View Of Corporate Logos/Brands

I’m twenty-seven different kinds of nervous today as we await the decision on whether or not we’ll get the house we want to live in for the next few years, so thinking about this piece of brain candy has served as a pleasant albeit brief distraction.

I’m often surprised by how little we think about those who are not in our target audience. As people and companies build brands we tend to focus on appealing to our target demographics and pay very little, if any, attention to those outside it.

That’s why this video by designer Adam Ladd is so very insightful, as his 5-year-old daughter reminds us that it’s not just our target audience that interacts with our brands.

These children who think that the Starbucks logo is the sign for coffee, or that the Xbox logo is the button on the remote that controls the TV at a friend’s house, are our future customers, partners and employees, and how we appeal to them now may be every bit as important and influential as the image we present to them in 15 years time when they’re all grown up.