Facebook Adds Trending Videos To Top Of Stream

UpdateApparently this has been in testing for a while.

FYI: This was only available to me on 1 page load. The second I refreshed, it vanished and did not return.

Okay Facebook, I know you’re experimenting with different formats and trying to find ways to justify that ridiculous IPO valuation, but everything you’re doing lately is detracting from the user experience.

It’s bad enough that almost (and I say almost because it’s inconsistent) every time I log in I have to sort the feed to “most recent” instead of “top stories” because it doesn’t stick, but now you’re going to stick a “Trending Videos” box at the top of the feed as well.

I don’t know if it’s occurred to anyone at Facebook, but the reason I (and I assume a most people) use Facebook is to see what my friends,family, and the sites I follow, are up to and sharing. I’m not interested in what anyone or anything else does.

The more you try to implement features to “engage” me and keep me on Facebook to up the number of advertising views, the more you push me away and make me not want to log in.

Facebook Trending Videos