Blogging Without A Contact Form = You Miss Out

Blogging Without A Contact Form

I’ve said it before, and I’ll damn well say it again – “If you don’t have a contact form on your blog or site, you’re not worth my time following”.

Having spent a large part of this morning building a contact list of local bloggers for outreach, I’m shocked by how many don’t have even the simplest of contact mechanisms listed on their site.

I’m not even talking about putting your email address out there – how about a simple form so that I can reach out to you?

I respect that people want to protect their privacy and don’t want to inundated with spam, (neither of which need to occur if you set up a proper contact form) but it strikes me as lunacy to miss out on potential advertising, content, partnerships, feedback from your readers, and more because you don’t have one on your page.

Of course, you’ll receive a handful of messages that you’ll have little to no interest in, but it may end up being a small price to pay.

More importantly, it strikes me as disingenuous to build a community of readers but not give them the ability to reach you with thoughts that they may not want to leave publicly in your comments.