Have You Gone Static?

staticIt was remarkably fitting that I just had to perform 2 theme updates on this blog – 1 automatic and 1 manual – for Genesis, and still had to disable minification of CSS to make things look right.

You see, I spent a lot of time today thinking about blogs created as static HTML, and I’m sure I don’t need to expound upon the benefits of serving static HTML over dynamically generated content from your server.

Maybe it’s just me, but the use of generators to create blogs with static HTML instead of running a CMS appears to be something of a trend among developer bloggers.

It’s funny to see things come full circle. My very first self-hosted blog was created this way after a period of doing it all by hand.

While poking around I found this list of 32 generators (mostly written in Python or Ruby) and I’m curious to know what other folks experiences are with them?

I’m also wondering if anybody has any experience with using plugins such as WP Static HTML Output or Really Static to get WordPress to output static HTML files that you upload to your server?