That’s Not Much Of A Gyft Google!

As part of Google’s 1 year birthday celebrations for Google Play, they are giving away free apps, episodes and music. One of the offers is for an app called Gyft (I have never heard of Gyft before now) which is offering $20 of free gift cards with the download.

$20 free bucks to blow on useless junk – let me download that straight away! Except, as you can see from the image below, the app won’t install on either of my Android devices. Instead I get the “this item is not compatible with your device” message, which is pretty amazing considering that my Nexus 7 runs the latest and greatest flavor of android (4.2.2) and my phone runs 2.2.

Fragmentation sucks! Thanks carriers!

Google Birthday Gyft

4 thoughts on “That’s Not Much Of A Gyft Google!

  1. This isn’t just a fragmentation issue, sadly. This is also a case of lazy coding. Why isn’t it supported on your Nexus 7? Because it is designed for a phone only! And tell me what it is exactly in a “Gift Card Wallet” that needs the latest SDK that they limit it so severely.

    Also, considering some of their other giveaways, this one is particular from Google is down right embarassing. This was all they could manage to put together to celebrate the first year of the Play Store?


    1. Judging from the apps reviews, the cards would be perfect for a married man who wanted to buy some things for his pregnant wife. That sounds like me exactly, or maybe Sara could just buy something for herself with the coupons 🙂


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