The New, New Office

The impending arrival of a new baby causes one to deal with many changes to life, and last night I surrendered my office so that Malcolm Tennant could have a nursery.

Our home is 4 bedroom, with an office space (off of  the kitchen), however my (previous) office space was actually larger than the guest bedroom (which is back to back with the master bedroom. Sara and I wanted to have Malcolm’s nursery closer to the master bedroom (once he stops sleeping in our room), but we also wanted to keep a guest bedroom as it gets used a lot by friends and family that come to visit.

So, the decision was made to move the guest bedroom to the room where my office was, and to put the nursery where the guest bedroom was.

As a result I’ve moved my office to the  8 x 17 (136 square foot) raised, unused section at the end of our bedroom. Since we moved in to the house the space has been unused (except for storing boxes that hadn’t unpacked) so it feels like a good solution. The area is well-lit, has a window at either side, plenty of sockets and most of my equipment fits in with room to spare.

There are still a few kinks to work out, such as where I’m going to set up my green screen for recording, but that’s a minor issue.

The pictures below show what the layout of the office space is currently like, as I test my podcasting rig (after dismantling it for the move) ahead of tonight’s Nothing Serious podcast. Speaking of the podcast, the new space is also better acoustically than the previous space.

New Office SpaceNew Office SpaceNew Office Space

2 thoughts on “The New, New Office

  1. I like that idea! I think it’s a good use of that space. You could always hang a curtain up so we can “ignore the man behind the curtain”. :p


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