We Mixed Up Our Probes

Daniel and Paul talk marketing, charging to browse goods in a store, the Birmingham Dance Walk, and, at a readers request we discuss “free will vs determinism”. We might also issue an apology about something 😉

Intro & outro music – “Tremblin'” by Freeky Clean & Creedence Jr.

5 thoughts on “We Mixed Up Our Probes

  1. Your description of determinism is just about the same one I used to describe it to Darla, down to the “ridiculously massive” formula. In fact, I described the formula as being “the size and length (in age) of the Universe itself.

    Fantastic discussion, guys.


  2. You don’t need free will to have a society. You just have to have an illusion that is universally (or nearly universally) accepted. As long as everyone lives within the illusory framework of free will, determinism is not fundamentally incompatible with society.

    Even within determinism, there’s a need for moral systems, because the appearance of choice causes us to look at the other people around us and draw certain conclusions. We would still have to jail killers, for instance, in a purely deterministic universe, because the actions they take (determined or not) lead to further actions that we don’t like (more murder.)


    1. But, in a purely deterministic universe wouldn’t the jailing of killers, and the actions we don’t like, be the result of determinism. There is no free will, there is no delusion either, as we simply exist in a predetermined state from moment to moment. 😉


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