Clearly Google AdWords Does Not Care About Trees

Responsible sourcesListen up Google AdWords team!

As a long-term user I really appreciate it when you send coupons for free advertising to my clients and myself. It’s always a great way to make sure that we test out new features or simply to pull time away and devote a little time to tweaking our advertising campaigns for greatest benefit.

Free stuff is always awesome, and we love it! You know we do!

On the other hand, free stuff that we can not use is not awesome.

For example, today I received $150 credit for AdWords that would be enabled as long as we spent $50 (which we do in no time at all). That brought such happy joy, joy feelings to my heart and put a big old smile on my face. It’s the little things…

But then I flipped the sheer over and read the small print. In order to use the promotional credit I needed to have an AdWords account which is less than 14 days old.

My smile quickly disappeared and look of confusion crept across my face as I tried to understand why on earth Google would send this to me – a card, a brochure, and a letter all wrapped in Google envelope, while making a point of using paper from “responsible sources”?

I was under the impression that the use of “responsible sources” also meant that you used the product responsibly?

Maybe I got that one wrong?

Google Adwords Wasted