Please Support The Kim Hodson Cremation Fundraiser

I extend my deepest condolences to my good friend and mentor Steven Hodson, who’s beloved wife Kim passed away this morning.

Kim had been struggling against cancer and several chronic conditions for many years.

Steven has been unable to work outside the home for several years due to the caring for Kim during the course of her illnesses.

Throughout this time Steven has given a lot of himself to the tech community. He’s worked on many projects, podcasts and contributed to many sites with me, and I’m sure that if you read tech online you’ve probably encountered him at some point or another.

Sara and I would like to give back and support Steven in his time of grief and ensure that Kim’s cremation expenses are not another burden on him during this difficult time.

Steven has been a mentor to myself and others online, and we would very much like to see the online community give back to someone who has given it so much over the past decade, by contributing to this fundraiser.