RiffTrax Should Stream Their Live Events On The Web

RiffTrax LiveSara and I absolutely love RiffTrax and their live events (where they riff on a very bad movies and stream it to cinemas) are one of the things that we will move mountains in order  not to miss. I never laugh as hard or as long as I do at RiffTrax live.

No cinemas in Mobile stream the live event anymore (Crescent Theater – there’s an opportunity here for you) and we typically end up driving 35 – 45 minutes to find a cinema that is carrying it.

The next RiffTrax is on August 15th (Starship Troopers), but with Malcolm Tennant due to make his appearance for the first time outside Sara’s belly on August 2nd, the chances of us attending are pitifully slim. This go me thinking, why not allow people to pay for access to the stream from home?

I know, there’s probably some reason involving contracts with the cinemas as to why they don’t but, I would seriously pay $40 – $50 bucks for that one showing to have it streamed to my home. I’m sure many, many Rifftrax fans would as well.

$50 bucks might sound like a lot, but it’s not when you consider the cost of what we usually pay to see one of these events – two cinema tickets, popcorn, drinks and the gas to get there, and the time it takes.

So what do you say, Kevin, Mike and Bill? I know that the live riffs are available on DVD after the fact, but that isn’t quite the same as sitting there knowing that it’s being streamed live, feeling like you’re part of it and that anything could go wrong! You just can’t duplicate that 😉

Take my money! Just, shut up and take my money!

2 thoughts on “RiffTrax Should Stream Their Live Events On The Web

  1. We actually have done a few streamed events – usually around Christmas. We’ve done “Christmas with RiffTrax featuring Magic Christmas Tree” as well as a marathon of sorts. They’ve usually been around $5 and we’ve streamed them through UStream.

    You’re correct, in that the Fathom shows currently can’t be streamed outside of the satellite network. Maybe someday they’ll allow us to stream them over the web – we’d certainly love to have that ability.


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