Bill Rake of The ABCs Of Whatever Podcast Interviews Me About Atheism

ABCs Of Whatever
ABCs Of Whatever Podcast

This past weekend I had the pleasure of hanging out on Skype, being interviewed by Bill Rake of The ABCs Of Whatever Podcast.

For those of you not familiar with the their podcast – let’s just say that it’s fairly conservative with respect to the shows I’m normally involved in, but that proved a great opportunity to have a friendly discussion about Atheism, agnosticism and all things religion.

This audio I am posting here is from my backup recording and features just the interview without all the other segments of the show. The final audio posted by Bill has some weird echoing on his side that makes him incomprehensible at times but those problems do not exist in the version I am posting here.

Bill goes one-on-one with Paul O’Flaherty, the host of Nothing Serious Podcast. Paul is a “Level 7″ atheist (you gotta listen to find out what that means!), a great podcast host, a jovial Irishman, a new Dad, and a thoughtful guy. Bill tries to get to the heart of atheism and point out some areas where he and Paul disagree.

If you would like to hear the entire show (not just the interview) then drop along to The ABCs of Whatever site, or The 405 Media.

Download: MP3 (1:12:46 – 33.3 MB)