Forget The Desktop, Facebook Ads Are ALL Mobile

Facebook Ads Are All Mobile

Over the past few weeks I have been running various Facebook local awareness campaigns for clients. The campaigns were relatively simple and the targeted demographics were very broad. We would just target the appropriate demographic (18+, male and female, 50 mile radius / 24+, female only, 50 mile radius) and appropriate interests with ads designed to build awareness of the brand, and either drive consumers to the clients Facebook page or website.

I deliberately selected the placements for both “Mobile News Feed” and “Desktop News Feed”. I expected a fairly even distribution across both feeds, with perhaps a skew of 10 – 15% in favor of mobile, which would match the analytics data I see on website usage, but the results really surprised me.

On the campaign that was getting users to like a Facebook page  – 99% of the impressions and 98% of the reach were achieved via the “mobile news feed”, and similar results were seen on a campaign where we sent users to the clients website (ages 24+, Female only, 50 mile radius) – 98% of the impressions and 97% of the reach happening via the “mobile news feed”.

Considering the campaigns were for different clients, who’s only real commonality is that they’re both here in Mobile, Alabama, I don’t think this is an anomaly.

There’s a lot that can be read into this about Facebook’s platform and user base, however I believe it’s fair to say that at least here in southeastern United States, Facebook advertising is essentially 100% mobile.