Biggest Mistake I Make As An Entrepreneur? Not Looking After Myself

Biggest Mistake - Paul O'Flaherty

You might not believe it, but stopping to take care of my health and fitness is one of the things that has the biggest positive impacts on my business.

I’ve talked before about work ethic, continuous self-education, and the hustle that is required to grow your business, but I’ve only briefly mentioned health and personal fitness as a personal goal for 2016.

I constantly fall into the trap of needing to get that one last thing done before I leave the office, or scheduling client work so that it infringes on my personal time. This results in my generally being unhappy with myself and less confident because I am unfit, two pants sizes larger than I want, and not as focused as I could be.

Experience has proven that when I take the time to work out and eat properly, I am more focused and energetic which allows me to achieve more during the hours that I work. I feel happier about myself which has a knock on confidence effect that has a positive influence on my dealings with clients, other business owners and my family (and who doesn’t want a happy family life, right?).

This year I’ve committed to getting my health back on track, I’ve even begun converting our garage into a place to work out complete with a treadmill, elliptical and weights (because driving to the gym is something I don’t have time for) and I urge you to do the same.

The next time there’s 15 minutes left in the work day and you decide to start that one last thing (deep down knowing it’s going to mean you spend two more hours in the office) just remember that it’s a trap.

A happier, healthier and more focused you is the best gift you can give your business, your family and yourself.