The Asterisk – The Enemy Of Honesty

Asterisk - The Enemy of HonestySpare a thought for the humble asterisk (*). It has so many uses, yet none as reviled as its use in marketing. Every time you see one you know that there are special terms and conditions that apply, and that things just aren’t what the seem

Unlimited* is never the same as truly unlimited. Free* is never truly free. If the asterisk is making an appearance on your marketing material then customers will never trust what they read.

Even though it’s universally accepted in marketing, the asterisk is a small little star that casts a huge shadow on our integrity. We use the asterisk to cover our blatant lies and it makes us all feel a little dirty.

Let’s remove the asterisk from marketing and allow our clients and customers to start trusting their eyes and out word.

Let’s make reaching for your spectacles and the magnifying glass to wade through the fine print a thing of the past.

Let’s return the asterisk to the domains of mathematics, linguistics, computer programming and cricket – places where it’s uses are myriad, useful and not deceptive.

And while we’re at it, let’s kill the 30 seconds of high-speed gibberish that explains how the advert was lying at the end of every other radio advert….