Every Castle Is Built On Strong Foundations

Every Castle IS Built On Strong Foundations

Castles stand strong for hundreds of years, and even when they fall or are destroyed the foundations remain.

I took this image while playing in the park with my son. Watching Malcolm intently collect and build his small pile of stones (“baby boulders” as he calls them) evoked a memory of working with my grandfather when I was only seven or eight years of age, laying foundations for walls and the extensions for the house in which my grandparents still live.

It’s amazing how much my grandfather thought me about life and work ethic, and I was completely unaware he was doing it. He may even have been unaware too. I hope I can do the same for my kids.

If a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well. In order to do a job efficiently and to excel, you need more than just the enthusiasm to do it – you need the skills.

If you want your business to survive you cannot rely on your natural talent alone. You have to build strong foundations both within yourself and within your company.

Everybody has a natural talent at something, whether it’s hustling, networking, coding, building or something else that applies to your business. But the truth is that people who are talented at everything they need to do are almost impossible to find. I’m certainly not one of them.

Mere mortals like you and I, have to make up for our lack of natural talent through continuous self-improvement – through education, practice, implementation and grinding until we get those skills down.

Natural talent is awesome, but in most fields it can be surpassed by those willing to learn the fundamentals and continuously practice and improve. Those who build upon their natural talent become exceptional.

If your castle collapses or has to face a new and unexpected challenge, then having strong foundations will make it easier to weather the storm, to build again, or even to expand with a few extensions.