WP-Sweep – You Simply Need To Use It On Your WordPress Install

WP-Sweep - Keep Your WordPress Database Running Smooth

Over the years my WordPress database had become bloated – very bloated. Despite using WP-Optimize to keep the database in check, 12 years of content, many host migrations and export/import cycles had caused my database to balloon to a massive 98.6 MB in size.

Needless to say, this caused more than a few issues when I recently migrated my site to dedicated WordPress hosting and importing the database was a nightmare.

Enter WP-Sweep. Developed by WordPress guru Lester Chan, WP-Sweep gets way more involved than WP-Optimize does, including functionality to remove orphaned and duplicated post meta. Duplicated post meta from years of imports and exports were to blame for most of the bloat on my install.

A couple of sweeps with WP-Sweep and my database was reduced to 12.9 MB.

Needless to say, backup your database before sweeping – just in case.