Facebook Tests Page Layout That Proves The Future Is Video

Facebook Tests Page Layout That Proves The Future Is Video

Facebook has made a huge investment in their video platform and yesterday I noticed some tests to the layout of pages which would indicate that Facebook expects publishers and businesses to get onboard in a big way (which you really should be, BTW).

By making the video and photos sections of pages front and center on the desktop version, which mimics the mobile layout, users are now forced to scroll past your videos and photos before they can see your latest updates.

This effectively pushes written content to the bottom of the pile, which means that if you want to quickly engage with new users you’ll have to rely on your videos or photos to catch their attention.

Hopefully Facebook never actually rolls this layout out to users as it is frankly ugly and awkward, but it certainly belies their thinking when it comes to Facebook as a video / visual medium.

Faceboook Video Test