About Paul O’Flaherty

The eldest of six children, I was born and raised in Ireland, and it’s fair to say that I can blame my love of technology and entrepreneurship squarely at the feet of my mother and grandparents.

My mother used to bring me to the local library which had a ZX Spectrum computer (that made it a fancy library in the early 1980’s) with which I fell in love as a child. My grandparents purchased my first Commodore 64 computer as gift and it was this act that sealed my fate. It was on that C64 that I cut my programming teeth, wrote my first video game and released scene demos (C64 enthusiasts can actually download one of my embarrassing early demos, or view a video of it on YouTube.) as part of Waking Dreams Software.

My grandparents really do have a lot to answer for. Quitting their jobs early in life, they opened a shop and a pub, worked those businesses hard and retired early. That would be enough to inspire most people, but my grandfathers “can do” attitude and ability to fix almost any problem, by analyzing it properly and having a plan, really set the stage for what I would do in life.

As a teenager in the 90’s that “can do” attitude translated into producing print and digital magazines (distributed on tape and disk) with my friends, which we sold locally, and it has stuck with me throughout my career.

Besides the hospitality jobs that everyone does at some point, I have served in the Irish Army (Permanent Defence Forces), worked with the YMCA in adult education (computer studies and communication) in Ireland, and again in the UK as a systems administrator, and doing youth outreach. I have worked for various companies in marketing, sales and security.

I’ve had the pleasure of living in many awesome places – all over Ireland, the UK, Germany, the United States, and Denmark. It was during  my seven years in Denmark that I started my first web design company and co-founded one of the earliest location-based “local” social networks.

After Denmark, I returned to Ireland for a brief stint before coming to the United States to be with my wife Sara. Together we started Scrw Media, which became OFlaherty Media, and launched a number of highly successful viral content websites in various interest verticals.

It wasn’t until I moved to the United States that I discovered my real passion – working one on one with medical practices and other small businesses to help them achieve growth while reigning in IT and marketing costs.

When I’m not working I try to spend as much time as possible with family, and if the stars align, I like to shoot pool or lose miserably to 13-year-olds on Xbox Live.