The Most Wonderful Surprise From The Kids

When I first met the kids I was absolutely terrified that they wouldn’t like me, but right now I’m having a very hard time not crying over something so wonderfully silly.

Sara was out shopping with the kids when they asked Sara if they could pick me up a card for Father’s Day and this is what they surprised me with when they walked in the door.

I’m choked up right now and don’t know what to say. It’s my first Father’s Day card ever and I honestly never expected to receive one but am so amazed that these wonderful kids would want to give me one.

Fathers Day CardFathers Day Card 2

Preparing For The Zombie Walk in Mobile

There’s a zombie walk happening in downtown Mobile this afternoon and these are some shots of Sara and I as we zombify ourselves in preparation.

The shots aren’t the best – the details are hard to see, such as the gunshots and leg bite wounds, hopefully we’ll get better ones when we’re there or afterwards.

Zombie Walk SaraZombie Walk SaraZombie Walk Paul

Some Pics From TechMixer University Birmingham

Last Monday, Sara and I made our way to Birmingham for TechMixer University. The conference itself was on the Tuesday but being a 4 hour drive we headed up the night before in order to be there for the 7:30 am kickoff.

The conference itself was great (even if between session seating was sorely lacking) but it didn’t stop us catching some great sessions, meeting some awesome folks and then having an awesome breakout session in the hallway (with Tammy Hart, Daniel, Mykel Alvis, Evan Travers, Jason Chuang, Tom Brander and more) before I got up to give my presentation on WordPress Optimization for Shared Host Environments.

I must admit that I was caught a little off guard when I went to present as there was no podium, and instead my laptop had to be connected to a projector which was halfway down the hall. This may not have been an issue when you’re presenting for 15 or 30 minutes, but when you’ve got screens full of notes for a 60 – 75 minute presentation (on a fairly technical topic) it’s nice to be able to reference them. Thankfully we never leave home without (at least) 2 laptops and the ever wonderful Sara stepped in to handle my slides so I could have my notes close to me. As it turned out I didn’t really need them and my memory actually recalled most of what I needed, but I’ll know better for next time.

On Tuesday night we met up with with many of the same peeps who were part of the breakout session and had a really excellent meal, and many, many laughs at a Mexican restaurant called Cantina. The food was good, the beer was okay, but what made that meal was the company. Mykel and Jason regaled us with stories of misdeeds and misspent younger years and an excellent time was had by all.

It was sad to leave and comeback to Mobile on the Wednesday but we didn’t leave without dropping by the offices of Infomedia where I had the pleasure of hanging out with and chatting WordPress with Jamie Parris, Brian Krogsgard and the rest of the developers (sorry didn’t get everyone’s last name) for a couple of hours before Sara and I headed for a barbecue lunch with Jamie (and a waiter that I can only assume was seriously stoned).

Thanks to everyone in Birmingham, at TMU and Infomedia for a great few days. We look forward to coming back up soon… I hear there’s a WordCamp in January?

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Hey Twitter – I Didn’t Post That Picture

While I think the roll out of the new galleries for twitter are years overdue, it would be nice if they did not display images which were linked in tweets I’ve retweeted as being mine.

Not My Picture Twitter

For example, this image which was linked in an status update which I retweeted from @SyFy appears on my profile as if I posted it. It’s only when you click on the image that it can be seen that it’s a retweet.

While this is very much a “first world problem” gripe with twitter, I feel that it misrepresents me if the gallery shows images I haven’t actually posted.

While I may feel that a post is worthy of a retweet (and in this case I retweeted it because it was a competition), that doesn’t mean that I wish to have that image associated with my gallery forever.

Bring Out Your Undead

Some ThinkGeek goodness arrived via UPS yesterday in the form of this awesome “bring out your undead” Monty Python inspired t-shirt.

I absolutely love ThinkGeek, the only problem is that it could quickly become an addiction. My wishlist for t-shirts is already over $1000!!!

Oh, rumors are that Sara managed to score a t-shirt as well!

Bring Out Your Undead TShirt
And the text glows in the dark!