It’s The Little Things

There are days like today when I’m feeling a bit down, overwhelmed by work, feeling a bit homesick and generally am just not a nice individual to be around, that my Sara manages to completely amaze me and turn my mood around 180 degrees.

I just went out to collect the mail and there was a package for Sara. I messaged her to let her know and she replied, telling me to open it, that it was for me.

I dutifully did what I was told and inside was this beautiful Tungsten Carbide ring which Sara got (without telling me) to replace a stainless steel ring (with a dragon etched into it) that I have worn form many years on my right hand but recently got damaged and became unwearable.

This new ring is absolutely stunning, a perfect fit and I love it and I want to be all – “Hey look what Sara got me” and show it off!

Thanks for this Sara, I love it! 🙂

Ring from Sara