This Photo Sums Up Much Of What Is Wrong With The Deep South

“Loose” the second “ammendment”. Let the second “ammendment” run free.

I have no idea what an “ammendment” is, it may be distantly related to an amendment, but apparently if we “loose” the second one, we will have to “loose” them all.

While we were driving home today from West Mobile, Sara spotted this truck with some awesome stickers that just have to be seen to be believed.

I’m not normally a stickler for spelling and grammar (I can’t type coherently without spell-check) , but if  you’re going to stick something on the outside of your vehicle supporting a political or religious view, then be prepared to come up against some ridicule when you cock up.

Second Ammendment

Apparently I Wouldn’t Look Very Good In Spandex

The kids are with their real dad today, as they should be on Father’s Day, but they have still managed (with Sara’s help) to surprise me. Last time they were here they presented me with an early Father’s Day card, which almost brought me to tears, and today they managed to sneak another one into the living room without even being in the house.

This card carries a very plain message – I should never wear spandex! I think I need to keep with the low-carb diet for a while longer.

Fathers Day Card

Say No To Vertical Video Syndrome

Check out this awesome and hilarious PSA from Glove & Boots about a major pet peeve of mine – people who rotate their phone while shooting videos and create “vertical videos”.

When trawling YouTube and other sites for content for a network, vertical videos drive me bat-shit crazy, especially when they are good, because when I go to post them the automated system we have for grabbing and re-sizing thumbnails creates crap thumbnails due to 70% of the image being black bars, and I end up having to do the thumbnails manually. Trust me, it’s really hard to get a good 620×250 thumbnail from a video where the content is only 100 or 200 pixels wide.

Anyhow, heed this PSA folks and learn to use the camera in your phone properly. It will make my life so much easier and stop us all from having to buy Star Wars again.