Bits In Pieces

I know what the title sounds like but get your mind out of the gutter! Bits In Pieces is a short film, a mini disaster movie, from the staff of OGD ict services, and it goes against the grain of what you'd expect to see in modern short films. There's no CGI or green screening, no digital effects … Continue reading Bits In Pieces

Social Networks Spell The End For Superheroes Secret Identities

Supermans Social Networking Nightmare

If Superman were real do you think that he'd be able to keep his identity hidden in today connected world? Not having his alter ego online could send up a red flag that something is wrong and be almost as much of a risk as having drunk relatives posting stuff about him online. Then you … Continue reading Social Networks Spell The End For Superheroes Secret Identities

Ping – Another Social Network (Parody)

I caught this "The Social Network" parody this morning and couldn't resist posting it here. It's great, funny and true, but I guess Dan Milano didn't have enough time to log all of Pings faults. As if the name doesn't suck enough. Also, looks like Dan was on the receiving end of some fanboy hate after Techcrunch … Continue reading Ping – Another Social Network (Parody)