In Heat! – Nothing Serious Podcast #110

Things get weird as Cranky and Paul discuss the most expensive high-fiber diet ever, children’s rights to privacy online, overreaching schools and whether or not strippers are actually therapists. Things get even weirder when Pornhub sends your mom some very special glasses, and then there’s that skittles ad…

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Inputs! – Nothing Serious Podcast #109

Pop quiz – You come home and catch your partner in bed with somebody else, what do you do? What do you do?

Is circumcision acceptable? What defines pornography? Would you be able to sleep surrounded by 40 other people? Why doesn’t your job pay you to go home for sex?

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Up Yours! – Nothing Serious Podcast #108

Is stupidity an inherited trait or is it a product of environment? Does being an atheist make you poor in the financial sense as well as the spiritual? Does your butthole make you self-conscious? Had Paul found the greatest hero ever? Get the answers to these questions (or maybe just more questions) and more in this episode of Nothing Serious Podcast.

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Is That Ketchup On Your Face? – Nothing Serious Podcast #107

Going down?

Things get tasty on this week’s Nothing Serious as we discuss failed Burger King commercials, McDonald’s trips, proving the existence of ghosts, going downtown at that time of the month, and when a bloke’s little head decides to exercise its own mind.

Grab an order of fries, load up on the ketchup and enjoy the show!

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Whizz-bang! Nothing Serious Podcast #106

We’re back! Season 2 of Nothing Serious Podcast has begun! Paul, Daniel, and The Cranky Canuck are back to bring common sense to the universe with our own unique brand of humor, cynicism, and sarcasm.

Struggling with a year’s worth of pent-up abuse to unleash upon each other, we attempt to tackle issues of privacy, governmental and corporate overreach, social contracts, and getting to the bottom of why Americans are having less sex than ever before!

Oh, did we mention we’re back!

Stories mentioned in episode 106 of Nothing Serious Podcast include:

The Long Goodbye – Nothing Serious #Podcast 105

After more than two years and 105 episodes of recording the Nothing Serious Podcast, it is with heavy hearts that we have to put the show on extended hiatus.

We may return to do more Nothing Serious in the future, but for now all that remains is to thank our families, friends and listeners who made this awesome ride possible.

We love you guys!

Just One More Zerg – Nothing Serious #Podcast 104

Don’t let childbirth interrupt your video games this week – it’s all about priorities. But how great can your priorities be when you’ll set yourself on fire for a YouTube video challenge, but can be arrested for doing citizen science? Finally, we talk about the Satanists in Missouri that are fighting for religious exemptions to antiabortion laws. And did we mention that Hodson is actually happy this week – WTF?

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Furbaby – Nothing Serious #Podcast 103

How far would you go to protect your “furbaby”? Would Daniel make a good Tony Montoya? Why can’t you electrocute children in your classroom? Can reading to your kids at bedtime unfairly disadvantage other children? What were New Adventure Travel thinking when they launched their “Ride Me All Day For £3” bus campaign? Did a man who was drugged and rapped at gunpoint by 3 women deserve to be ridiculed by police?

Stories mentioned in this episode of the Nothing Serious Podcast include: