OFlaherty Episode #10 – My Mini is YourMinis

My Mini is YourMinis Apologies for the late posting. This episode was recorded last night, the 26th of April but I only got around to posting it today. This episode features a recorded Gizmo call with O'Flaherty regular Alec Palomo. We have a bit of a laugh as well as cover some MMORPG stuff and … Continue reading OFlaherty Episode #10 – My Mini is YourMinis

O’Flaherty Episode #09 – Spaten München

Spaten München I'm pissed of at Apple iTunes. Microsoft makes good with Firefox. Facebook may yet grant my wish. You too can own a social network  and my podcasting glass is revealed. My voice decides to disappear mid way through the podcast. Thankfully a drink from my official podcasting glass brings it back and I … Continue reading O’Flaherty Episode #09 – Spaten München

O’Flaherty Episode #08 – The OFlaherty Doctrine!

The O'Flaherty Doctrine! Tim O'Reilly's proposed Bloggers Code of Conduct provokes a rant from me. One or two minor audio jumps. Sorry folks! Great music by The Joules! Links Tim O'Reilly - Call for a Bloggers Code of Conduct Kathy Sierra - Creating Passionate Users Tim O'Reilly - Code of Conduct Lessons Learned so far Magic … Continue reading O’Flaherty Episode #08 – The OFlaherty Doctrine!

O’Flaherty Episode #07 – The Screwdriver edition!

The Screwdriver edition! Chatting about Twitter and Pligg tonight as well as trying a bit of new Danish music. Links Twitter Twitter Vision SuperGu Copyrights Open Source Pligg Code, Sends C&D FuelMyBlog (Clicking the link votes for me. Don't want to vote? Go to FuelMyBlog.com) The Good Blogs Surfact Music Apple Pie by Japanese Girlfriend! … Continue reading O’Flaherty Episode #07 – The Screwdriver edition!

O’Flaherty Episode #06 – Getting Social for Real!

Getting Social for Real! Alec Palomo and I chat about being "social" and why Indian engineering students are having their internet connections turned off at night! This episode should have went up last night, but I couldn't get it on to PodShow. Still, better late than never! Links Alec Palomo Stop surfing, make friends, India … Continue reading O’Flaherty Episode #06 – Getting Social for Real!

O’Flaherty #05 – Bebo is for idiots!

Bebo is for idiots! The Brain Fart! A change of style as I move to a 10 minute format, with more shows as opposed to one 30 - 40 minute show a week. This episode started off being about Twitter.com, but ended up about Bebo. Features a 7 minute soundbite with James Maher. Credit Music Derek K. … Continue reading O’Flaherty #05 – Bebo is for idiots!

OFlaherty Episode #04 SOB’s

We're all SOB's! I'm an S.O.B I'm an offical SOB Liz Strauss MyBloglog troubled Setting the wrong precedent Andy Beard Rex Dixon BCC Use it people! I m the King of CC Spam Tech Recipies Killer App: SyncToy SyncToy for Vitsa SyncToy for Xp Upgraded Wordpres 1.1.1 Subscribe to comments Credit Music Derek K. Miller … Continue reading OFlaherty Episode #04 SOB’s

OFlaherty Episode #03 – Coffee Club

Coffe Club From Vienna to the coffee club and CC Spam to podcast clients for Vista. Next MS OS in 2009? Mary Joe Foley on Vienna King of Spam CC VS BCC Wheres my feed? Feedburner Feeburner Forums On the Podcast Daily Source Code 542 Kaffeklubben P1 Attribution to bloggers Kennel Kaarup Podcasting to Generate $400 … Continue reading OFlaherty Episode #03 – Coffee Club