Malcolm Tennant Cometh

Tonight we head to Providence Hospital to begin the induction that, hopefully, will result in Malcolm Tennant making his first live appearance outside Sara's belly. Needless to say, I'm nervous as heck, but before we head to the hospital I wanted to get some words on video (however awkwardly) that have been beating around inside … Continue reading Malcolm Tennant Cometh

Dad’s Not An Idiot – He’s Me!

Sometimes it's easy to forget that just as there are stereotypes that (some) men impose on women, and criticisms that should never be leveled because they are sexist, the pendulum swings both ways and it is perhaps most evident in the area of parenting. As you may know Sara and I are expecting the arrival … Continue reading Dad’s Not An Idiot – He’s Me!



Tumultuous - I like that word. Tumultuous - Say it out loud! It rolls off of the tongue. Tumultuous. It's a rather apt word for how life has been lately between preparing for the arrival of Malcolm Tennant, the demands of clients, family, podcasting, and the slow but deliberate revival of our network of sites. I would like … Continue reading Tumultuous

Please Support The Kim Hodson Cremation Fundraiser

Steven and Kim Hodson

I extend my deepest condolences to my good friend and mentor Steven Hodson, who's beloved wife Kim passed away this morning. Kim had been struggling against cancer and several chronic conditions for many years. Steven has been unable to work outside the home for several years due to the caring for Kim during the course … Continue reading Please Support The Kim Hodson Cremation Fundraiser

The New, New Office

New Office Space

The impending arrival of a new baby causes one to deal with many changes to life, and last night I surrendered my office so that Malcolm Tennant could have a nursery. Our home is 4 bedroom, with an office space (off of  the kitchen), however my (previous) office space was actually larger than the guest … Continue reading The New, New Office

Stormageddon Week #11 – Heartbeat (Video / Audio)

Sara and I took a little time today to hook the fetal doppler up to my podcasting rig in order to get a clear recording of the babies heartbeat. It took us a couple of tries as Stormageddon refused to "perform" when Sara was in a sitting position, but once she got down and stretched … Continue reading Stormageddon Week #11 – Heartbeat (Video / Audio)

Resolutions Aren’t Easy…

Cat New Years Reolutions

2013 managed to sneak up on me in much the same way as a bullhorn abusing, wailing baby doesn't sneak up on someone with hyper-sensitive hearing. It's not that I didn't have an idea that 2012 was trundling towards it's Gregorian predetermined end, things have simply been so busy that I haven't had time to pay it … Continue reading Resolutions Aren’t Easy…

Holiday Reading List 2012 / 2013

Holiday Reading

While some folks are enjoying days and days off this holiday season, some of us have to work (grumble, grumble, grinch, grumble..) but it doesn't mean that we can't take a little time to flex the old grey matter by indulging in some good books. Thanks to Sara raiding my Amazon wish lists, these 4 … Continue reading Holiday Reading List 2012 / 2013