A New View For Your Loved Ones – Nothing Serious 102

We recorded Nothing Serious 102 live on Google Hangouts and it was an absolute blast. Audio quality may be a little lower than usual, but next week we will be testing a new audio codec for Hangouts which should bring everything back up to par. Nothing was sacred on this episode as the guys discussed … Continue reading A New View For Your Loved Ones – Nothing Serious 102

The 3 B’s of Funerals – Nothing Serious 101

Did Pokemon turn 1980's and 1990's kids gay? One Christian ministry thinks so! Should we all worship at the Atheist "United Church of Bacon"? Is it enough to stop Paul from worshiping coffee? What exactly is a "cuddle party" and why does Daniel know so much about them? And finally we ask, just how many … Continue reading The 3 B’s of Funerals – Nothing Serious 101

I Was Never A Black Kid…

We have a full complement for episode 100 of Nothing Serious, and this week we talk babies, creationism, hacking vs pranking, entitlement and racism in education. As a bonus, next week you get to blame Hodson for us discussing a story that is more than a year old. Stories mentioned in this episode of the … Continue reading I Was Never A Black Kid…

Where’s The Bleach?

This is the episode where we agree with Ronald Reagan. Is America ready for it's first female president? Witches blessing the Iowa legislature brings out the hypocrisy among the legislatures Christian members. Republican Senators vote to sell off National Parks and Forests for profit. What is the difference between an Agnostic and an Atheist? Clorox gets … Continue reading Where’s The Bleach?

Hump It Or Dump It!

Daniel's return causes an extra-long episode of Nothing Serious as the guys go repeatedly off topic discussing the Atlanta educators cheating scandal, how to fix education in America, stealing forklifts, selling tickets to heaven, more than you ever wanted to know about body image, and fixing the world's population problems. Stories mentioned in this episode … Continue reading Hump It Or Dump It!

The Other Problem Is…

After a two week, illness induced hiatus, Steven and Paul are back to let off some steam and get very ranty on episode 97 of the Nothing Serious Podcast. The guys address circumcision, intactivism, sex with dolphins, the death throws of organized religion, and of course they manage to fix all the worlds ails. Stories … Continue reading The Other Problem Is…

That’s How My Grandmother Died!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYJUFr40Eb4 Ageism, sexism and the perils of live video casts. We look at the darker side of online streaming while trying to determine if racism & conservatism are related to low I.Q's. A petition is underway to get the Federal Communications Commission to revoke the broadcast license for Fox News, just as they hire prominent … Continue reading That’s How My Grandmother Died!

The Power Is In Your Hands

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVhwfTBK9xY Sexting doctors, underage Canadian strip searches, disrespectful youths, revenge porn, inappropriate memorials and the dirtiest way to recharge your phone ever - this episode of Nothing Serious Podcast has it all. Stories mentioned in this episode of the Nothing Serious Podcast include: Quebec City family to sue school board after their 15-year-old daughter was strip-searchedPaedophile … Continue reading The Power Is In Your Hands