Fifty Shades of PETA

It's a real head-shaker this week as Daniel and Paul revisit zero tolerance stupidity in the case of a 9-year-old who was suspended from school for telling another kid that he could make him disappear with the "one ring" from Lord of the Rings. According to West Virginia lawmaker Brian Kurcaba - rape is "beautiful" is … Continue reading Fifty Shades of PETA

The Silent Majority

Is the Pope infallible? Which religion is ready for us to colonize other planets and which of them are prepared for the discovery of extraterrestrial intelligent life (because there's bugger all down here)? If aliens exist, would religious extremists try to convert them? How dangerous could artificial intelligence become, and has somebody already replaced the politicians with … Continue reading The Silent Majority

The Devil’s In Your Taillight

The first Sunday night episode of Nothing Serious has the guys taking aim at Pope Francis as he shoot a poor one out of three this week. From Catholics breeding like rabbits & contraception, to ideological colonization and freedom of speech - poor Pope Frankie struggles this week with only one saving grace. A Mississippi teacher … Continue reading The Devil’s In Your Taillight

Measure Once, Cut Twice

The Swedish top off the "snipp" overload on this weeks podcast as the guys discuss one potential dick move after another. Was it really an accident when a 57-year-old coach sent video of himself pleasuring himself to 30 other people, including 6 high school girls from the soccer team he coached? What's the difference between immigration and integration, and … Continue reading Measure Once, Cut Twice

Parental Olympics

In the first episode of 2015 the guys share their thoughts on the terrorist attack at the Charlie Hebdo newspaper in Paris, then they turn up the heat by attacking the "Sounds of Sodomy" campaign aiming to derail same-sex marriage in Ireland. Sticking with stupid, the guys look at the "Belfie", the New Zealand couple that … Continue reading Parental Olympics

The Cranky Canuck’s Christmas Carol

Hodson brings this holiday cheer to Nothing Serious with this very special rendition of the classic "'Twas The Night Before Christmas" by Clement Clark Moore. We'll be back with a new episode of Nothing Serious Podcast on January 8th, so until then - have a great holiday and an awesome New Year! Stories mentioned in … Continue reading The Cranky Canuck’s Christmas Carol

Tim Cook Has Issues

Christmas is closing in but that doesn't stop the crew of Nothing Serious from whipping out their Christmas Balls and waving them at the internet. On this weeks show Hodson gets excited about Ann Coulter while South Dakota tries not to jerk while driving. The webcam voyeurism continues at drug dealers houses in Washington state North … Continue reading Tim Cook Has Issues