O’Flaherty Episode #12 – Blizzard bashing!

Blizzard Bashing! I'm in a ranting mood today bashing everything within reach. Great music from The Joules. Links Blizzard World of Warcraft O'Flaherty Vidcast Ostracize the Xenophobes: AmericaNet Ubustu Ubuntu Studio Credit Podcast Theme: Derek K. Miller Music: "What's Wrong with you!" by The Joules! Audacity Download Podcast MP3: O'Flaherty #12 7.4 Mb 0:15:30

OFlaherty Episode #10 – My Mini is YourMinis

My Mini is YourMinis Apologies for the late posting. This episode was recorded last night, the 26th of April but I only got around to posting it today. This episode features a recorded Gizmo call with O'Flaherty regular Alec Palomo. We have a bit of a laugh as well as cover some MMORPG stuff and … Continue reading OFlaherty Episode #10 – My Mini is YourMinis

O’Flaherty Episode #09 – Spaten München

Spaten München I'm pissed of at Apple iTunes. Microsoft makes good with Firefox. Facebook may yet grant my wish. You too can own a social network  and my podcasting glass is revealed. My voice decides to disappear mid way through the podcast. Thankfully a drink from my official podcasting glass brings it back and I … Continue reading O’Flaherty Episode #09 – Spaten München

O’Flaherty Episode #08 – The OFlaherty Doctrine!

The O'Flaherty Doctrine! Tim O'Reilly's proposed Bloggers Code of Conduct provokes a rant from me. One or two minor audio jumps. Sorry folks! Great music by The Joules! Links Tim O'Reilly - Call for a Bloggers Code of Conduct Kathy Sierra - Creating Passionate Users Tim O'Reilly - Code of Conduct Lessons Learned so far Magic … Continue reading O’Flaherty Episode #08 – The OFlaherty Doctrine!

O’Flaherty Episode #07 – The Screwdriver edition!

The Screwdriver edition! Chatting about Twitter and Pligg tonight as well as trying a bit of new Danish music. Links Twitter Twitter Vision SuperGu Copyrights Open Source Pligg Code, Sends C&D FuelMyBlog (Clicking the link votes for me. Don't want to vote? Go to FuelMyBlog.com) The Good Blogs Surfact Music Apple Pie by Japanese Girlfriend! … Continue reading O’Flaherty Episode #07 – The Screwdriver edition!

O’Flaherty Episode #06 – Getting Social for Real!

Getting Social for Real! Alec Palomo and I chat about being "social" and why Indian engineering students are having their internet connections turned off at night! This episode should have went up last night, but I couldn't get it on to PodShow. Still, better late than never! Links Alec Palomo Stop surfing, make friends, India … Continue reading O’Flaherty Episode #06 – Getting Social for Real!

O’Flaherty #05 – Bebo is for idiots!

Bebo is for idiots! The Brain Fart! A change of style as I move to a 10 minute format, with more shows as opposed to one 30 - 40 minute show a week. This episode started off being about Twitter.com, but ended up about Bebo. Features a 7 minute soundbite with James Maher. Credit Music Derek K. … Continue reading O’Flaherty #05 – Bebo is for idiots!