Nothing Serious Podcast

Nothing Serious Podcast

Nothing Serious Podcast was a labor of love, or therapy, which we indulged in for 4 years creating a total of 119 episodes. If you only understood how much money we saved on psychiatrists and therapists you’d understand.

We had intended Nothing Serious to be seasonal, recording as many episodes as we could before suffering burnout, then taking a break for a few months to regroup and come back fresh.

Sadly we never got to come back after Season 2 due to the passing of our dear friend and co-host, Steven “Cranky Canuck” Hodson, who will always be sorely missed, and without whom the show would never be the same.

Below I’ve included the original “about page” information as well as links to all the places you can subscribe to the episodes and listen to them. They stand not just a legacy to our friendship, but in remembrance of  the unique personality that was our friend Steven “Cranky Canuck” Hodson”.

The Nothing Serious Podcast is an ever evolving podcast about interesting things.

Hosted by Paul O’FlahertyDaniel Walters and The Cranky Canuck, the Nothing Serious Podcast brings together 3 opinionated minds from 3 different parts of the world to tackle topics ranging across atheism, skepticism, technology, society, social media, weird news, current affairs, gaming, marketing and more.

All topics are tackled in a funny, uncensored, NSFW style that causes listeners to spontaneously tweet stuff like this!

Listening to the Nothing Serious podcast You should too. @nspod #irrereverent #SausageFest

— Dan Fugate (@DanFugate) July 3, 2013

The guys NAILED IT last night! Hysterical! Fifty Shades Of Daniel via @NSPod

— Sara O’Flaherty (@SaraOflaherty) June 28, 2013

Paul, Daniel, and Cranky are regularly joined on the show by prominent bloggers, activists, authors and other guests.

Recorded every Sunday and published every Tuesday, Nothing Serious Podcast is in its second season, has run for over 100 episodes.

Listen to Episode #118  – She Should Have Flown United

View all Nothing Serious Podcasts episodes on this blog.

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