How Can I Help Your Business Reach Its Potential?

How Can I Help Your Small Business To Grow - Paul O'Flaherty

Paul was instrumental in streamlining and standardizing our practice, and helped lead us to our highest profitability ever. Juan F. Ronderos, MD. Board Certified Neurosurgeon

Hi, I’m Paul O’Flaherty and I help medical practices and small businesses grow.

I have more than two decades of professional experience in the I.T. field (including teaching, implementation, support, and training) and have spent over 16-years working and developing professionally in web design, media, webcasting,  SEO, community building, marketing and business development.

I work with small business and medical practices to assess their business, marketing and IT needs, build and maintain their networks, and provide innovative marketing solutions to grow your business and referral networks while reigning in costs.

Paul O’Flaherty is a team player who is efficient, dependable, trustworthy and does excellent work.  He has expertise in IT and marketing, but after working with him for the last four years, we have also benefited from his much broader skill set to where he is now our Director of Business Development. Theodore M. Kopp, MD, MS. Board Certified Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

I take an all-encompassing approach to growing your business that starts at the front desk experience and extends to your branding, marketing, website, social presence and beyond.

Without exception, Paul is a professional, thorough, intelligent, and helpful. At every meeting, he comes prepared to make our practice exceptional.   – K. Michael Hites, PA-C

Drawing on my unique and extensive experience, as well as my experience as an entrepreneur in the U.S. and abroad, here are just some of the myriad of ways that your medical practice or small business could benefit from my expertise:

  • Analyze your marketing for more effective targeting.
  • Develop a marketing plan that fits the unique needs of your business.
  • Analyze the customer / patient experience to identify issues that could be damaging your reputation and return business.
  • Social Media Marketing.
  • Search Engine Optimization.
  • Web Development and Optimization.
  • WordPress Optimization.
  • Theme Development.
  • Web and Social Media presence critique with an eye to actionable improvements.
  • Social Media Management.
  • Community Building.
  • Staff Training – Social Media, blogging, CMS usage and more.
  • Development of I.T. strategies, policies and best practices.
  • Lower I.T. costs through re-purposing and better use of existing resources.
  • Improve communication and efficiency through better software and technology choices.

Pick My Brains

“Pick My Brains” may be my favorite way to help companies as it is a collaborative problem solving process. Some companies have found it useful just to have me sit down with their developers or staff for an hour allowing them to bounce their ideas, questions and problems off of me which results in a highly focused, motivated and constructive meeting that yields positive results and actionable solutions without the commitment and expense of a longer consultancy.

Contact Me

Contacting me is easy. Simply fill out the form below, or call me at (251) 272-9115 and I’ll call you back ASAP.

I look forward to talking with you!

Paul O'FLaherty

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