If I Were The Devil…

Steven and Paul hold down the fort on episode 55 of Nothing Serious as Daniel gets called to a "911 at work". We ask that people "Let it go" as Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook attempts to ban the word bossy and Generations Radio host Kevin Swanson claims that Disney's "Frozen" indoctrinates young children into homosexuality and bestiality … Continue reading If I Were The Devil…

Why #BanBossy Is Flawed At Best And Potentially Harmful

Sheryl Sandberg - Ban Bossy

Catching up on my feeds after two days at home with Malcolm, it was nice see so many people backing the Sheryl Sandbergs's (COO of Facebook) attempt to ban the word bossy as a descriptor for girls and women. It was nice to see it because I was immediately reminded of how many people will … Continue reading Why #BanBossy Is Flawed At Best And Potentially Harmful

Slacktivisim, Amirite?

Facebook Activisim

My stance on most forms of online activism is well known. It's the type of selfish ego-masturbation that allows us to feel momentarily good about ourselves while achieving next to nothing. 99.9% of the time it makes us feel good, and that's where it stops. A million likes on Facebook may sound awesome, but the … Continue reading Slacktivisim, Amirite?

Online Activism Has Its Head Up Its Arse

Alan Turing was a great man. He was code breaker for the British government during World War 2 and an instrumental figure in computer science, yet he suffered the major indignity of being prosecuted by the then British government for being gay. Not only was he prosecuted, but he was then chemically castrated and committed … Continue reading Online Activism Has Its Head Up Its Arse