The Catholic Position

Daniel makes a return to this weeks show just in time to find out how Catholics can get time off of purgatory & have the best sex. Apple gets sued because there is porn on the internet, while Steven salivates over iPhone controlled vibrating undies. Orthodox Jews get kosher lube while one Harvard goer finds… Continue reading The Catholic Position

Everything Is A Remix

As the news filters out to world via the internet of Apple's legal victory in the U.S. over Samsung and the inevitable rise in value of Kleenex stock as Apple fanboys indulge in releasing their pent up anticipation and pleasure at Apple's victory (I'm not joking, look at the graph of Kimberly-Clark Corp stock prices I just… Continue reading Everything Is A Remix

About Microsoft’s Surface Tablet And The Apple Fanboys

Tablet PC

The amount of this crap I've been seeing in the comments sections of posts about Microsoft's Surface tablet is ridiculous. Regardless of your opinion about the product, folks need to pay attention to their computer history before opening their traps. Yes, I know Bill Gates actually showed off the first tablet at Comdex in 2000 (and of course there was "Windows… Continue reading About Microsoft’s Surface Tablet And The Apple Fanboys

Did Apple Photoshop The Galaxy Tab Comparison Pic To Win European Injunction?

Ipad - Galaxy Tab Comparrison

Ah, the Steve Jobs reality distortion field rears it's ugly head again. Via Computer World -  Apple and its lawyers have, perhaps inadvertently, misled the judge of a Düsseldorf court by filing flawed evidence of the similarity between the iPad 2 and Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablets based on an inaccurate picture, an investigation by,… Continue reading Did Apple Photoshop The Galaxy Tab Comparison Pic To Win European Injunction?

Braindead TechCast #150: Techmeme Friday Goes All Pizza, Pizza, Pizza

[audio: As Sean continues his wild holiday somewhere in the US, Steven Hodson and I carry on Braindead TechCast's fine tradition of Techmeme Friday's tear down of the headlines on Techmeme as we make fun of them at the same time. We also had some fun with a rumor about Sean receiving something at his hotel room… Continue reading Braindead TechCast #150: Techmeme Friday Goes All Pizza, Pizza, Pizza

Ping – Another Social Network (Parody)

I caught this "The Social Network" parody this morning and couldn't resist posting it here. It's great, funny and true, but I guess Dan Milano didn't have enough time to log all of Pings faults. As if the name doesn't suck enough. Also, looks like Dan was on the receiving end of some fanboy hate after Techcrunch… Continue reading Ping – Another Social Network (Parody)

Should You Be (Or Are You) Allowed Do What You Want With Your Hardware?

Are EULA's too restrictive? Do companies like Apple and Sony overstep their boundaries and the law when the "shrink wrapped" licenses the force you to agree to when you purchase a piece of hardware? Should they have any right or jurisdiction at all to tell you what you can and can't do with something that… Continue reading Should You Be (Or Are You) Allowed Do What You Want With Your Hardware?

What People Don’t Get About The iPad

iPad - Service Not A Computer

Let me preface this post by saying that I will not be buying an iPad (not in the foreseeable future anyway). I own an iPod Touch and that is the end of my Apple affiliation. I've been reading all the complaints about the iPad: No flash, no multitasking, it's just a big iPod Touch, it's… Continue reading What People Don’t Get About The iPad