12 Pack Of Empties

Does the size of  your balls determine what kind of a father you are? Do your pants lie to you? Was AT&T insensitive and tacky? Did Russell Brand deserve to be kicked out of the GQ awards? How far would you go to save your house from being demolished, and just what the heck is … Continue reading 12 Pack Of Empties

Explain This To Me AT&T

AT&T is now moving into metered broadband with 150 Gig caps for DSL and $10 per additional 50GB overage. Over the weekend, Broadband Reports broke the story that after plenty of talk about it, AT&T is implementing broadband caps and overage fees. The caps are 150GB per month for DSL and 250GB per month for U-verse. … Continue reading Explain This To Me AT&T

AT&T’s Vizzini Moment


Sara sent me a link to an Information Week article about the most recent piece of AT&T FUD regarding the iPhone coming to Verizon. Apparently it's brown trousers time for AT&T's  Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications, Larry Solomon, who sent the following statement to Business Insider: "The iPhone is built for speed, but that's not what … Continue reading AT&T’s Vizzini Moment