The 3 B’s of Funerals – Nothing Serious 101

Did Pokemon turn 1980's and 1990's kids gay? One Christian ministry thinks so! Should we all worship at the Atheist "United Church of Bacon"? Is it enough to stop Paul from worshiping coffee? What exactly is a "cuddle party" and why does Daniel know so much about them? And finally we ask, just how many … Continue reading The 3 B’s of Funerals – Nothing Serious 101

Laser Beams And Skittles

Steven and Paul wax lyrical about terrorist boobs, moths and their ultrasound emitting genitals, Star Trek bestiality, divorce or murder, cameras that capture smell, Florida bans the internet, the most evil marketing campaign ever, and much more. Stories mentioned in this episode of the Nothing Serious Podcast include: Bacon Choco TacoCapture your favorite smells on … Continue reading Laser Beams And Skittles

Irish Food Swag

A Taste Of Home

No matter where I've lived outside of Ireland, one thing that's always irked me was (without going to rare specialty stores) the ability to get proper Irish brown bread, bacon, beans, and black and white pudding. It's not that other countries didn't have their own variations on this stuff but everybody does it their own … Continue reading A Taste Of Home