BIIP… BIIP.. BIIP… Tasticles!

Cardinals have "bunga bunga" parties in the Vatican, Darth Vader runs Death Valley, levelling 5000-year-old Peruvian pyramids, the State Department spends $630,000 failing to engage on Facebook, Bebo goes cheap(er) and the Viralheat Blogathon. Stories mentioned in this episode of the Nothing Serious Podcast include: Pope's 'gay lobby' remarks stir up new storm of Vatican … Continue reading BIIP… BIIP.. BIIP… Tasticles!

O’Flaherty #05 – Bebo is for idiots!

Bebo is for idiots! The Brain Fart! A change of style as I move to a 10 minute format, with more shows as opposed to one 30 - 40 minute show a week. This episode started off being about, but ended up about Bebo. Features a 7 minute soundbite with James Maher. Credit Music Derek K. … Continue reading O’Flaherty #05 – Bebo is for idiots!