Raison D’etre – Nothing Serious Podcast #115

In this special episode, the guys discuss why they do the show, beer made from pee, pornstar relationships, privacy laws and why the terrorists don't get to win. We also wonder if The Cranky Canuck is the only guy in the world that wants to give drunk Nick Nolte anal? Stories mentioned in Episode 115 … Continue reading Raison D’etre – Nothing Serious Podcast #115

Tactile – Nothing Serious Podcast #114

Buckle in as the guys share a real money maker of an idea, figure out how to efficiently funnel beer to party goers, discuss legendary police officers, and then get very tactile with money, renewable energy and Santorum... or something like that... Stories mentioned in Episode 114 of Nothing Serious Podcast include: Why did these … Continue reading Tactile – Nothing Serious Podcast #114

More Than She Could Swallow

Forget dancing in the rain, things get kinky and personal on episode 73 of Nothing Serious when we send in the clones.  It's got nothing to do withe viagra laced beer, we swear. If we had known it was a sexbot we'd never had approached her, I mean it's not like we got caught banging an … Continue reading More Than She Could Swallow

Releasing Our Demons

It may be the Valentines Day episode, but that doesn't stop Paul, Steven and Daniel talking about some decidedly non-romantic topics on episode 51. From a case of mistaken identity for the BBC, how very lucky the 99% are, being buried like a King of old, suing because you can't use Facebook, to performing exorcisms … Continue reading Releasing Our Demons

Miley’s Wrecking Balls

Daniel returns to this week to join Steven and Paul as they talk million dollar toilet paper, not fat "fat kids", staging your own kidnapping so that you can party, swimming in a beer pool, and chowing down on ghost burgers. Stories mentioned in this episode of the Nothing Serious Podcast include: Chicago Restaurant Offers … Continue reading Miley’s Wrecking Balls