Facebook fb_xd_fragment Problem – .htaccess Solution

Sara was trawling through Google Analytics for our sites and noted that a number of posts showed their URL's with an appended "?fb_xd_fragment=" like this: http://sitename.com/postname/index.php?fb_xd_fragment= http://sitename.com/postname/?fb_xd_fragment= This is a known Facebook bug with the "Like button" and one that Facebook probably won't resolve as it has been ongoing for quite a while now. It … Continue reading Facebook fb_xd_fragment Problem – .htaccess Solution

Bad Choice of Words Automattic


If you haven't already heard WordPress.com users will soon be able to monetize their blogs as Automattic has formed an advertising partnership with Federated Media which they are pimping as WordAds. No details have been released yet, so I can't say how much of a cut Automattic will take or when the service will actually start running and … Continue reading Bad Choice of Words Automattic

Poor “Related” Links Ruin Posts

Ricky Gervais - Time Magazine

I was reading a great post by Ricky Gervais on Time Magazine's site today about the difference between American and British humor, when it struck me just how intrusive their in post "related posts" are. It was quite a long post and one thing I find is that, if I lose the flow of a … Continue reading Poor “Related” Links Ruin Posts

Honest Spam

No, now go away or I shall taunt you a second time-a! Comment spam is the blogger's equivalent of hemorrhoids. It's that itching, burning, pain in the ass that you just can't get rid of no matter how hard you scratch. Yet, very occasionally, the pain will subside and comment spam will provide you with a … Continue reading Honest Spam

John Cleese On Creativity (Video)

Monty Python legend and comedic genius, John Cleese shares his thoughts on the creative process, writing, interruptions and getting in "the mood". A must watch for bloggers and anybody who expresses themselves creatively. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMpdPrm6Ul4 Hat-tip to Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins for sharing this.

Dealing With Lack Of Attribution For Your Content

One of the problems that most bloggers and content creators face regularly is finding our content reposted on other sites without proper attribution. In this short video, I give some tips from my own experience both as a content creator and as someone who run sites which aggregate content, to ensure that you can both receive the credit you deserve for your content … Continue reading Dealing With Lack Of Attribution For Your Content

Would We Be Better Bloggers Without Statistics?


I was listening to TWiT episode 246 a few moments ago and Dwight Silverman said something that really resonated with me while they were discussing Nick Denton, Gawker and the whole "stolen iPhone / iPhoneGate" fiasco. "This is the dilemma of the web. I think every news organization that has the ability to see how … Continue reading Would We Be Better Bloggers Without Statistics?

I Hate The Regurgitation And You Should Too

Dare to be different

Regurgitation of content is a fact of life within the tech blogosphere. Steven Hodson wrote about how being doomed to see the same content on site after site  it is simply a fact of life especially within the tech blogosphere, as there simply isn't enough news to go around. We might think that there is … Continue reading I Hate The Regurgitation And You Should Too