Lazyfeed Is Not Serving Sushi. It’s All Spam!

Lazyfeed spam

Lazyfeed boasts that is is like a conyevor belt of sushi. Have you tried Conveyor belt sushi? At a conveyor belt sushi restaurant, sushi plates are automatically delivered to you literally on a conveyor belt, so you don't have to move around. Lazyfeed is Conveyor belt sushi for your interest. Lazyfeed is all about letting … Continue reading Lazyfeed Is Not Serving Sushi. It’s All Spam!

How Do You Gauge Credibility?

Used Car Sales man

An interesting question was inadvertently raised by @SabrinaDent (Sabrinas blog) earlier when responding on Twitter to my post “The FCC, TSA, @MyBottlesUp And Why Bloggers Can’t Be Trusted”. How do you judge credibility online? Credible bloggers are taken plenty seriously - is an example. This woman has no credibility and never built any. How … Continue reading How Do You Gauge Credibility?

The Social Media Guru (Video)

Used Car Sales man

Social media experts, gurus and witchdoctors! You can't turn a corner on the internet without running into 10 of them. Each and every one of them pimping their own regurgitated brand of "unique" insight that will do everything from save your business to turn you into a superstar with all of the perks and track … Continue reading The Social Media Guru (Video)

Why Ask A Question If People Can’t Answer?

I’ve always believed that blogs were about conversation. You put your ideas out there and people give you feedback. Sometimes they agree, sometimes they disagree, sometimes they end up ranting like a loon but you always have conversation. Needless to say I’m one of those people who believe that a blog without the ability to … Continue reading Why Ask A Question If People Can’t Answer?

You may have boobs and kids, but you aren’t a mommy blogger!

It doesn’t matter who you are, we all feel the need to be part of a group, part of a collective which we can identify ourselves with. It gives us a sense of purpose, a sense of belonging and direction. In the blogging world, this is a great thing. Groups create influence and help drive … Continue reading You may have boobs and kids, but you aren’t a mommy blogger!

My Biggest Flaw As A Blogger

My biggest flaw as a blogger is that I don't comment enough on other blogs. I read hundreds of blog posts a day and while I may have a reaction to them, I am usually too busy to comment on them. Instead I either share them on my link blog and / or Twitter with … Continue reading My Biggest Flaw As A Blogger

Can You Buy A Blog Community?

What is the value of the O'Flaherty community? If the prices was right could I sell it? Those two question have been on my mind since Chris Brogan asked "is your community for sale?" in his reactionary post to Andrew Baron putting his Twitter account up for sale. What value would a purchaser take with … Continue reading Can You Buy A Blog Community?

Blogging To Infamy

You may have noticed some of the negative blog posts which have been floating around the web today with regards to Blogging to Fame, a project run by Indian blogger Divya Uttam! It all came to my attention when Antman from Cre8buzz messaged me this morning asking for my opinion on his post "A scam … Continue reading Blogging To Infamy