Hop On Pop

The stupid it hurts! Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, Dr. Annette Bosworth compared food stamp recipients to wild animals in a Facebook post. Throwing adult stars from the roof is not always the smartest idea. Lets call the police on teens that distribute books in public just because they're banned on the school curriculum because those … Continue reading Hop On Pop

Holiday Reading List 2012 / 2013

Holiday Reading

While some folks are enjoying days and days off this holiday season, some of us have to work (grumble, grumble, grinch, grumble..) but it doesn't mean that we can't take a little time to flex the old grey matter by indulging in some good books. Thanks to Sara raiding my Amazon wish lists, these 4 … Continue reading Holiday Reading List 2012 / 2013

Dude, You’re Gonna Be A Dad! (Video)

As I've mentioned before, I'm about to become a father for the very first time. This has led me to hunt out reading material so I can learn from, and hopefully not repeat the mistakes of others. This video is a quick update on where Sara and I are and an endorsement of the book … Continue reading Dude, You’re Gonna Be A Dad! (Video)

So We Bought This Baby Name Book…

100000 Baby Names

Okay, lets get this our of the way: No Sara's not pregnant. No we're not trying, well not for at least another year, but yes we are giving serious thought to having a baby in the next 2 years or so. So being us we ordered a book of baby names as Sara simply refuses … Continue reading So We Bought This Baby Name Book…