Is That Ketchup On Your Face? – Nothing Serious Podcast #107

Going down? Things get tasty on this week's Nothing Serious as we discuss failed Burger King commercials, McDonald's trips, proving the existence of ghosts, going downtown at that time of the month, and when a bloke's little head decides to exercise its own mind. Grab an order of fries, load up on the ketchup and … Continue reading Is That Ketchup On Your Face? – Nothing Serious Podcast #107

A New Spiritual High

Fookin Ell! This 2-year-old's may be adorable, but Hodson has a cranky about ALS ice bucket challenge! Should Burger King bugger off out of America, are legal tax avoiding techniques unpatriotic, and should children be allowed shoot real guns? Lets get spiritual while searching for the perfect place for meth, and lets forget about wang measuring competitions … Continue reading A New Spiritual High

More Than She Could Swallow

Forget dancing in the rain, things get kinky and personal on episode 73 of Nothing Serious when we send in the clones.  It's got nothing to do withe viagra laced beer, we swear. If we had known it was a sexbot we'd never had approached her, I mean it's not like we got caught banging an … Continue reading More Than She Could Swallow