Homeopathy – It’s Not Just for Ass Cancer

Can homeopathy cure Ebola? At least one New Zealand MP thinks so! Can having lots of sex with different partners reduce a man's risk of prostate cancer? Hodson seriously hopes so! The dummies are out in full force and full figure this week, while the mannequins are causing a fuss because they seriously need a good … Continue reading Homeopathy – It’s Not Just for Ass Cancer

Super Glue Fixes Everything!

Daniel returns to the show in time for the Halloween episode, to join Steven and Paul discussing things far scarier than ghouls, spooks and specters. Senhor Testiculo may be the mascot of nightmares, mothers from hell rip scrotums and sell their kids virginity, "high homosexual demons", being a dick to the children and will the … Continue reading Super Glue Fixes Everything!

Prancercise! It’s Really Hot!

A great time was had by all as Paul, Daniel and Steven discuss shooting escorts, throat cancer for oral sex, apps that warn you if you're going to crash into something while texting and walking, text operated coffee machines, atheist monuments, being fired for getting pregnant via artificial insemination and much more... Also, Daniel gets … Continue reading Prancercise! It’s Really Hot!

Women – Raise Awareness Not Your Shirt

I rolled my eyes this morning as I saw one of the women I follow on Twitter (@pauloflaherty)  had changed their avatar to a picture of their boobs. This apparent decision to proudly display her cleavage was prompted by a blog called “Boobie Wednesday” to raise awareness about breast cancer amongst women. Now, don’t get … Continue reading Women – Raise Awareness Not Your Shirt

The Blogosphere Is Dead And Its Your Fault

Warning: ** If you're easily offended I suggest you click off to another blog this instant because I will offend your delicate sensibilities. This post is about the blogosphere in its entirety and not about any one particular individual or their actions. ** I am sick to death of the blogsphere. It's weak, it's spineless … Continue reading The Blogosphere Is Dead And Its Your Fault