If You Have Nothing To Say…

Nothing to Say

Say nothing!

Seriously, all these people who are now using apps like “Status Shuffle” to update their Facebook and Twitter profiles are starting to get on my nerves.

I share a lot of stuff, make a lot of nonsense updates and generally suffer from verbal diarrhea, but… it’s my diarrhea that I’m spreading. I don’t have to rely on a 3rd party app to make me look interesting. You either like what I have to say and share or you don’t. I am either interesting or I am not.

I follow you because of what you say and share. I’ll still follow you even if you don’t update for a few days.

Not updating every few hours is okay. Not updating for a couple of days is okay!

No, really it  is, we’ll still be here when you come back. It’s you that we want to follow after all.

Status Shuffle and other apps of that ilk are not you. It’s not your thoughts (no matter how inane), your interests or your shares.

I’m following you (for now).

Why Ask A Question If People Can’t Answer?

gagged I’ve always believed that blogs were about conversation.

You put your ideas out there and people give you feedback. Sometimes they agree, sometimes they disagree, sometimes they end up ranting like a loon but you always have conversation.

Needless to say I’m one of those people who believe that a blog without the ability to comment, isn’t!

Sara posted a link to Psychology Today, where Satoshi Kanazawa was spouting conspiracy theories about the Joe “You Lie!” Wilson photograph published after he embarrassed himself during Obama’s recent speech.

The title of Kanazawas post was “Who took the picture of Joe Wilson? And how?” and the final sentence of the post was also a question. Yet for all their questioning, they don’t have anywhere for readers to respond. They don’t have a comment form.

My question is simple: Why ask people a question if you’re not going to give them the opportunity to respond?

Is it that they are:

  • Afraid of being wrong?
  • Afraid that someone will question their assumptions?
  • Too lazy to engage readers in conversation?
  • Pretending to be involved in social media while simply talking at, instead of to people?

Am I missing some other possible reasons?

My Biggest Flaw As A Blogger

My biggest flaw as a blogger is that I don’t comment enough on other blogs.

I read hundreds of blog posts a day and while I may have a reaction to them, I am usually too busy to comment on them.

Instead I either share them on my link blog and / or Twitter with every intention of revisiting them to comment.

I rarely get around to it.

Not commenting on other blogs is hurting me as a blogger.

While I may be sharing and twittering the content of bloggers that I follow and find interesting, I’m not a part of the conversation.

By not commenting, I’m not exposing myself to (no pun intended) the readers of the bloggers I follow. They, and the bloggers I follow, have little or no motivation to come to my blog because they don’t really know I exist.

After all, if you don’t speak up in a crowded room you will never be heard.

I’m also damaging my blog from a SERP point of view as ever comment not posted on another blog is one less incoming link for O’Flaherty.

Now I’ve shared my biggest flaw as a blogger with you, what’s yours?