Whizz-bang! Nothing Serious Podcast #106

We're back! Season 2 of Nothing Serious Podcast has begun! Paul, Daniel, and The Cranky Canuck are back to bring common sense to the universe with our own unique brand of humor, cynicism, and sarcasm. Struggling with a year's worth of pent-up abuse to unleash upon each other, we attempt to tackle issues of privacy, … Continue reading Whizz-bang! Nothing Serious Podcast #106

Pigeonhole Yourself And Reap The Consequences

I changed the tag line on the blog to "Paul O'Flaherty on Technology, Life and Passions" a few weeks ago. As the long time readers of O'Flaherty know I've been concerned recently about being categorized as just a tech blogger and having to deal with the stereotype that comes with that. I'm not just a … Continue reading Pigeonhole Yourself And Reap The Consequences