Sir Ken Robinson - How Schools Kill Creativity

Ken Robinson: How Schools Kill Creativity (TED Talks)

Sir Ken Robinson's TED talk "How Schools Kill Creativity" is really resonating with me, perhaps because I'm a relatively newly minted father, but also because of experiences of my own education. In this 2006 talk, Robinson expounds in hilarious and insightful fashion about how the education systems worldwide are mostly geared towards producing candidates for the … Continue reading Ken Robinson: How Schools Kill Creativity (TED Talks)

Everything Is A Remix

As the news filters out to world via the internet of Apple's legal victory in the U.S. over Samsung and the inevitable rise in value of Kleenex stock as Apple fanboys indulge in releasing their pent up anticipation and pleasure at Apple's victory (I'm not joking, look at the graph of Kimberly-Clark Corp stock prices I just … Continue reading Everything Is A Remix

Easily Distracted?

Are We Easily Distracted Or Just Lazy?

Leo Laporte, while talking about iPads and productivity on TWiT 270, said something which really resonated with me and which I have been saying for a very long time: I increasingly feel like technology is more about distraction than actually productivity, or creation or innovation. It's all just a bunch of shiny crap. As I've said to Steven on … Continue reading Are We Easily Distracted Or Just Lazy?

John Cleese On Creativity (Video)

Monty Python legend and comedic genius, John Cleese shares his thoughts on the creative process, writing, interruptions and getting in "the mood". A must watch for bloggers and anybody who expresses themselves creatively. Hat-tip to Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins for sharing this.